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Happy Birthday on March 21 to Our Fabulous Office Manager, Loreen Stutzman!

We want to wish a happy, happy birthday to Loreen Stutzman, who takes care of all the paperwork, payroll, and office work that Joe and I just don’t have time to do. Loreen has been such a blessing to us, conquering all of the problems and tasks that often never left our “to do” lists. But thanks to Loreen, those things are now DONE!

Loreen has worked for us for a little over a year and she has really made our lives hassle-free. We don’t know how we got along before without her! Being a mom, she knows how to multi-task and keep us all on track to complete even the most mundane jobs! And she does it all with a giant smile on her face!

Thank you, Loreen, for all that you do! We hope you will be well enough to celebrate your birthday in style–no upset bellies to prevent feasting on lots of cake!