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Welcome Our Student Pharmacist, Madeline VanLoon, for June at Plain City Druggist.


This month, we are joined in the pharmacy by Madeline VanLoon, a fourth-year pharmacy student from The Ohio State University’s College of Pharmacy.

Madeline will graduate in May 2021 and will then take the test to become a registered pharmacist. Madeline will be with us throughout June, so please stop by and meet her while she is in the store.

Here is what Madeline tells us about herself:

My name is Madeline VanLoon and I am a fourth year pharmacy student at The Ohio State University”s College of Pharmacy, planning on graduating in May of 2021. I grew up in southeast Michigan in a city called Rochester Hills. 

I have always loved learning – I often say I could be a student forever. As a pharmacist, I will certainly be committed to a life of learning, as medicine is constantly evolving. Science has always been my focus. Pathophysiology, anatomy, and microbiology were some of my strongest subjects. Initially, I thought I might end up doing some sort of research. I later changed my mind after enrolling in some supplemental courses that broadened my perspective, meshing science with the humanities. These courses were Health Psychology, Sociology, Public Health, and the History of Medicine. They helped me understand how an individual’s surroundings impacts their health and wellbeing.

During my undergraduate years, I also gained some leadership/mentoring experience through serving as a teaching assistant in the microbiology lab and a chairperson in my sorority. These experiences drove me toward a career working with people.

After taking an interest in medications, I pursued a pharmacy technician position at a West Michigan based grocery store called Family Fare. There, I developed an interest in community pharmacy. I had the excellent opportunity of working at several locations in the area, meeting many pharmacists and patients, who all shared their stories with me.

I graduated from Grand Valley State University with my Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Science, a minor in Chemistry, and a Certificate in Health Humanities in 2017. In the fall, I left for Columbus, started my internship with Costco Pharmacy, and I have enjoyed every minute. 

All of my experiences, professional and academic, have cultivated my passion for outpatient pharmacy practice. It brings me joy to meet the members of my community, develop trusting, long-lasting relationships with them, and help them navigate their medications and conditions. I also enjoy teaching and mentoring, so I hope to interact with students in my future career as well. Wherever I end up in the world of pharmacy, I hope it incorporates these aspects. 

Outside of pharmacy, I enjoy spending time with my husband, family, and friends. We are huge Euchre fans, but love pretty much any board or card game. I played softball for 13 years, both on travel teams and for my high school, primarily playing shortstop and third base. In my free time, I enjoy baking and decorating cakes and cookies, skiing, jogging, and volunteering in the community. 

I am excited to be spending the month at Plain City Druggist, gaining experience in the field of independent pharmacy practice!