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Memorial Hospital is Partnering with Adams Family Medical.

Dr. Adams’ office will be closed this week until Monday, January 7, as the staff prepares for major changes that we think you will be thrilled to learn are in the works.

Beginning on January 7, Adams Family Medical Center will be partnering with Memorial Hospital¬†of Union County to provide more benefits for Dr. Adams’ patients. If you click on the letter to the left, you can read all of the updates that the office is working on during the time they are closed.

Some of those changes include transitioning to electronic medical records and providing laboratory services through Memorial Hospital rather than with the national lab system that was previously used.

While the electronic medical records will not be in effect immediately, the staff hopes to be using them by the end of the month. Electronic medical records allow prescriptions to be submitted electronically to pharmacies for more timely medication preparation. Lab reports can be transmitted to the office as soon as the results are posted, allowing for a faster diagnosis and consult with patients. Additionally, the records can be shared between other health care professionals reducing the problem of repeated testing. These records also aid in patient safety with built-in checks to guide the health care providers as they deal with multiple health problems and medications.

All major insurances will still be accepted and the quality of care that Dr. Adams provides will still be stellar.

Additionally, adding to the high quality of care, Mary Helmuth will be working in the office as the new office manager/clinical supervisor. Joining her in the office will be Brittany Miller and Sandy Thomas.

The office will be open and staffed from 7 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday (Dr. Adams will not be there all of those hours, but one of the staff will be!). You can call during those times to set up appointments and get medication refills.

We are so excited about these new changes and think you will be, too. We’ll keep you posted as we know more!

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