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Congratulations to Michaela Henderson, Miss Defense!

We just wanted to send our congratulations to Michaela Henderson who was named “Defensive Player of the Year” for the Fairbanks High School Varsity Ladies Basketball team. Michaela, who is only a Freshman, not only lettered, but also received this honor for her rebounding and ball thieving abilities during the 2011-2012 season.

You wouldn’t know it to look at her (she looks so sweet), but Michaela can nab a basketball and be halfway down the court before you even realize she pounced!

We had a lot of fun attending some of Michaela’s games this year and watching her mom, Margie, glow with pride! We can’t wait to cheer Michaela on at more games in the future and watch her grow as a player.

We know we are going to see lots of great things from Michaela, both on and off the court, in the next few years. Way to go, Mic!

Congratulations to Kelly Hawk Who is Graduating from Pharmacy School on June 11!

Our pharmacy student, Kelly Hawk, will be graduating from The Ohio State University’s College of Pharmacy this Saturday, June 11, in a special hooding ceremony. While Joe and I both received a five year, Bachelor of Science degree in Pharmacy, Kelly’s program involved getting an undergraduate Bachelor degree and then going on to get another four year pharmacy professional degree. Kelly will graduate with a PharmD, which is the equivalent of a PhD. After Saturday, you can call her Dr. Kelly Hawk.

We are so proud of Kelly.

Kelly came to work for us in May 2005. She had graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in computer science and couldn’t find a job. So she decided to find out more about pharmacy, take pre-requisite classes for pharmacy school, and then go on to become a pharmacist.

When Kelly first started at the drugstore, she was our clerk and delivery driver. She rang the register, got lost trying to deliver medications, and did just about anything she had to do to learn what pharmacy was all about. From clerk and delivery driver, she progressed to pharmacy technician and took the exam to be a licensed tech. Licensing for technicians wasn’t required at that time (it now is), but Kelly went above and beyond to show she was dedicated to the profession. All the time she was working, Kelly was also taking chemistry courses and other classes she needed before applying to pharmacy school.

In 2007, Kelly’s hard work paid off and she was admitted to The Ohio State University’s College of Pharmacy. For the past four years, Kelly has been going to school full time and working for us on Saturdays and during her breaks. All that “blood, sweat, and tears” is finally coming to an end and she will be a graduate this weekend and will take her pharmacy licensing exam in the coming weeks to make her a registered pharmacist (RPh).

Please stop in the pharmacy this week (Kelly will be here Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday) and tell Kelly congratulations.

Besides Kelly, three of our other pharmacy students will also be graduating on Saturday: Matt Byrdy, Anna Gehres, and Jimmy Byun. You have met all of them during their rotations through the drugstore. We wish them all much luck as they go forward as pharmacists.

Matt and Kelly are also honoring Joe by having him place their hoods on them in the hooding ceremony on Saturday. This is a very distinguished honor to ask Joe to lead them forward into the profession of pharmacy. Joe has been a mentor to Kelly and Matt (as well as our other students) and he is so excited to be doing this for them (although he may need a step stool to place Matt’s hood on him, since he towers over Joe). Don’t worry, we’ll have plenty of photos from this celebration on Saturday!

We also want to congratulate all of the area graduates, including our own Michaela Henderson, who is leaving St. John’s Lutheran School behind as she graduates from the eighth grade. Since St. John’s only has a program for students from kindergarten to eighth grade, Michaela will be attending Fairbanks next year as she begins high school. Michaela was selected as the salutatorian of her class and made a speech this past week. We know that this is only the beginning of lots of great things academically and on the basketball court for this beautiful, young lady. Perhaps, there is another pharmacy student tagging along on Kelly’s heels?

News For the Week.

I promised to update everyone on how the St. John’s girls did in the National Lutheran School Basketball Tournament in Indiana over the weekend. The girls ended up losing and did not get to battle it out for fifth place in the tournament. You can read all the details on the St. John’s Lutheran School Athletics page HERE.

While the girls did not go as far as they had hoped, Margie’s daughter, Michaela Henderson, was named to the All Tournament Team.  She was one of ten girls out of 800 to make this prestigious team due to her extraordinary efforts during the tournament. Congratulations, Mic! We are very, very proud of you!

The next item on our updates for the week is that pharmacy student, Anna Gehres, who many of you may remember from her rotation with us last August, will be back with us for the entire month of April. We are very happy to have Anna working in the pharmacy again starting this Friday. She has promised (at the invitation of Lion Veronica Taylor) to attend the Lions Club Dinner and Auction on April 28 at Der Dutchman. So watch for Anna there and in the store. 

If we haven’t said it enough, we’ll say it again: Shop Locally! And you have a very good chance to do that this weekend with the “Crazy Charlie’s Super Saturday 1 Day Sale” at Lovejoy’s Market. You can check out all the great advertised specials online HERE. If you don’t get a flyer for Lovejoy’s, you can go to their web site each week and look at it in color online. What a deal!

We also just spoke with Liz Troyer while we were having lunch at Jan and Tony’s and her daughter, Victoria Troyer, who used to work here in the drugstore, is in Mexico on a mission trip. Victoria had planned this trip months ago and was very excited because she was going to be helping children in an orphanage. Liz said Victoria is getting very attached to the kids. We’ll find out more when Victoria gets home. Please send her lots of prayers and good thoughts. 

Finally, there are two important birthdays on Friday, April 1–but neither person wanted an entire blog posting dedicated to their birthday (they are a little shy). So we’ll just use this space to tell my sister, Bobbie Timmons, and my good friend, Monica Slota, happy birthday on April Fool’s Day. They are the April Fool’s babies! Have a wonderful day without any tricks!