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What are MTMs? By Our Student Pharmacist for December, Marie Corbo.

It’s almost the end of the year! Let’s get your medications organized for the New Year with an MTM (Medication Therapy Management)!

At Plain City Druggist, we take pride in knowing all of our patients to ensure that they are getting the best medicines. Every prescription is checked by a trained pharmacist to make sure it has the correct dose, indication, and place in therapy. After the patient receives the medication, we would still like to make sure the patient is taking the medications at the right time of the day, with the right foods or liquids, and with the right administration method. Studies show that 50% of patients are considered to be non-adherent to their medications and very few patients take their mediations correctly. This is why some patients may benefit from a more comprehensive patient/pharmacist session called a MTM or Medication Therapy Management.

A “MTM” is a patient scheduled meeting with a pharmacist. Patients can bring in all of their medicine bottles, over-the-counter products, vitamins/herbal medications, and any questions they may have about their drugs.

Common questions:

What is this medication for?

Is there a cheaper medication than this one?

Do I still need to be on this medication?

Am I taking this medication correctly?

The pharmacist can go over the answers with you and help your understanding of the medications or have a conversation with your primary heath care provider to make things right for you.

I, a pharmacy student at The Ohio State University’s College of Pharmacy, would like to invite you to come and speak with me to review your medications with you one by one!  I am only here until December 31, however!  To meet with me, you can call Plain City Druggist and make an appointment that fits both our schedules. This is one additional way Plain City Druggist takes time to care for you.