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Please Keep Your Pets Safe By Keeping Them Inside.


Someone within the Village of Plain City is killing cats.

Recently, I learned that a family in Plain City had lost their cat. They searched for her thinking she had merely wandered off visiting neighbors. That, however, was not the case and there was no happy reunion. When they found their beloved cat’s body, the cat had been decapitated and the tail had been cut off. Out of their four cats, three had come up missing in the last few months. To protect their final cat, they took him to live with other family members.

It is scary that someone within our quiet village could demonstrate so much violence toward an innocent and unsuspecting animal. The cat that was killed was very friendly and probably approached the person readily.

It is also scary, because people who torture and kill animals usually progress to people at some point.

The Plain City police are currently investigating this crime. If you know anything about this crime or any others involving animalsĀ or if something has happened to your own pet (cat or dog–we do not think this person only kills and tortures cats, but wild animals, as well), please contact the Plain City police department: 614-873-4321 (dispatch) or 614-873-2921 (office).

We must all keep our eyes and ears open to prevent this from happening again. Be aware of suspicious activity and report anything that makes you uncomfortable.

In the meantime, please keep your pets inside or when they do go outside, do not leave them unattended. If you have inside/outside cats, please don’t let them wander until this person is caught.