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Please Welcome Robert, RJ, Rosia As Our Student Pharmacist from Ohio State for June.


This month, we are joined at Plain City Druggist by Robert, RJ, Rosia, a fourth-year pharmacy student from The Ohio State University’s College of Pharmacy.

RJ will graduate in May 2022 with his PharmD degree and will then take the test to become a registered pharmacist. RJ will be with Meghan and the staff here in Plain City throughout June, so please stop by and meet him while he is here.

Here is what RJ tells us about himself:

Hello everyone! My name is RJ Rosia, and I am a fourth-year pharmacy student at The Ohio State University. I will the be student pharmacist for the month of June and look forward to my time spent here at Plain City Druggist!

I am from a small town called Alliance, Ohio, which is in northwest Ohio. I went to a small farm school and I even had “bring your tractor to school” days at my high school.

I went to OSU for undergrad in 2010 with a major in Molecular Genetics, where I wanted to be a Genetic Counselor. Unfortunately, that plan did not work out and in 2014 when I graduated with my Bachelor’s degree, I started working at a pharmacy.

My first job in pharmacy was at Giant Eagle Pharmacy in Columbus. I came to love learning about the medications and being able to help people save money through finding discounts and helping them manage their overall quality of life.

I worked at Giant Eagle for four years and decided it was finally time to start thinking more about my future and to apply to pharmacy school. I was accepted to OSU before I even applied to any other school and decided it was the right fit for me.

While in pharmacy school, I added a lot more knowledge on how medications work in the body and when to choose one over another for certain reasons. I continue to work at Giant Eagle, and I have gotten to know my staff well. I also help other stores in the Columbus region and work closely with our Clinical Pharmacist who helps organize vaccination clinics in the area. Being there for eight years, I have learned a lot about how a pharmacy operates day to day and have seen many people come and go, both patients and staff!

Near the end of my second year, I also started working at Equitas Health Pharmacy. This pharmacy is a specialty pharmacy that focuses on HIV care, people who are experiencing body dysmorphia, and those who are underserved in the community. This pharmacy also serves anyone in the public as a regular community pharmacy and they offer many programs that others do not, such as counseling on all new medications, free delivery to anywhere in the state of Ohio, and options on ways to get medications covered when they cost too much.

During my time at school, I was involved with a lot of student organizations and different events that took place. I helped run the Columbus Free Clinic every other week during my second year. This clinic provided free medical services to those who needed healthcare and we had a pharmacy that dispensed medication.

During my third year, I was President of the Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy (AMCP). This organization is dedicated to helping students find alternative roles that pharmacists can do, such as working for an insurance company, in law, or the pharmaceutical industry, or even doing specialty compounding!

I also helped by being a teaching assistant to the first year students’ lab, where I assisted students with how a community pharmacy runs, such as dispensing medications and how to compound prescriptions.

I plan to go into the pharmaceutical industry field when I graduate. I will apply for a fellowship that involves working with a pharmacy manufacturer. An example of a job that might be available from this career path would be a Medical Science Liaison (MSL). This job would entail a pharmacist going to different doctors, pharmacies, or events in the community and providing the clinical knowledge on patients’ medications and answering questions when needed. It is a very niche role for a pharmacist, but that is what makes it so exciting!

I also really like helping those in the community like the pharmacists here at Plain City do every day! I look forward to this month and hope to meet some great people and learn new things while I am here. If you have any questions for me, please feel free to ask! I won’t bite!