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Happy Birthday to Our Mom, Roberta Timmons, on June 27.


We want to wish our mom, Roberta Timmons, a very, very happy birthday on Monday, June 27.

We hope you will have a wonderful day, Mom, hanging with your “peeps.” We love you.

And as you always tell us, we are very proud of you!




Happy Birthday to Our Mom (and Mom-in-law), Roberta Timmons on June 27!

We want to wish our Mom and Mother-in-law, Roberta Timmons, a very happy birthday on Sunday, June 27. This is one of the “big decade” birthdays–you know, 30, 40, 50, 60–but we won’t tell you which one Mom is celebrating. You will have to figure that out on your own. Or just ask her–she’ll be more than happy to tell you, because everyone is always astonished and swears she can’t be that old (she is, though!). 

This older photo of her from the days when she used to “tease” her hair to give it “height” may help you guess her age a little better. It might also let you discover her “true” hair color! But don’t tell her we said so! 

Happy Birthday, Mom. We Love You!!