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Our Former Students Are Now Doctors of Pharmacy! We Are Very Proud!

Lindsey Steichen Rice with her mom.

Yesterday, June 12, Joe and I attended the “Doctoral Convocation Hooding and Awards Ceremony” for The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy with Kelly Hawk Jackson, our current pharmacy student. Kelly will participate in this ceremony next year as a 2011 graduate, so she got a taste of what she can expect.

Three of our former pharmacy students were being “hooded’ and receiving their doctor of pharmacy degree after many, many long years of hard work. These faces will look very familiar to you, as you’ve seen all of them in the drugstore.

The first student is Lindsey Steichen Rice, who started working for us in the pharmacy shortly after she began her studies in pharmacy school. Lindsey has lots of family in Plain City, so the pharmacy allowed her to see many of them on a regular basis. Lindsey not only graduated Cum Laude (with honors), she also recently got married and moved to Washington D. C. Lindsey is going to be working in a Walgreens in the D. C. area. We wish her much luck and hope she stops in to see us when she is home visiting family.

Dr. Sarah McGinnis with Kelly.

Kelly and Sarah worked a lot of Saturdays together while they were both in pharmacy school. Because Kelly is one year behind Sarah, Sarah very kindly loaned Kelly old study materials to help her with her classes. Sarah McGinnis worked for us throughout pharmacy school until she and her husband moved to the Dayton area her fourth year, while she did her experiential rotations. Sarah graduated with highest honors, Summa Cum Laude, and was the recipient of the Merck Award. Sarah will be working in a Rite Aid in Dayton.

Are you seeing the pattern here? All of our students are the brightest, winning awards and graduating with honors.

The same can be said for our final student, Dr. Andrew Hall.

Joe and Doc Andy.

Andy also graduated Cum Laude. Additionally, Andy won the prestigious Stephen W. Birdwell Student Award. This award is in honor of a professor from the College of Pharmacy who died several years ago. Joe actually had Dr. Birdwell in school, but he was already ill by the time I arrived for classes. Dr. Birdwell was well loved and respected by the students. And this is what this award honors–a student whose peers select them as being respected and loved, someone who will be a wonderful pharmacist due to, not only their knowledge, but their ability to interact with people and make them feel good about themselves. That is definitely Doc Andy.

Andy receiving the Stephen W. Birdwell Student Award.

Since the doctor of pharmacy program did not start until Joe and I had already graduated with Bachelor degrees in Pharmacy, the hooding ceremony was all new to us. It is a very formal and lovely ceremony (if a bit long). It is also something that we know these graduates will not soon forget. Just as we will not soon forget them.

Congratulations Lindsey, Sarah, and Andy!