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Amazon or Your Local Pharmacy? By Our Student Pharmacist, Sandy Saleh.

During the holidays, it is very tempting to use online shopping for gifts due to the comfort and convenience of being able to stay in your home while purchases “magically” show up at your doorstep. COVID has also encouraged everyone to stay at home and use these services.

Convenience is always a plus in any type of setting, but convenience does come with downsides.

Prices may not always be what they appear due to shipping costs and other hidden fees.

Some websites like Amazon require a membership that they auto renew yearly with increased costs. It is also a hassle to get your money back for any returns that you might need to make, and returning items is a trip in itself.

These might not seem like too big of a deal, but purchasing items online also has a huge negative impact on your community.
Small businesses and even other local shops help your local community grow. Most small businesses actually donate to your community often because these small businesses are usually owned by people who live in your area.

The business owners also pay the same taxes you do, allowing for more money to go to support your local schools, parks, fire and police departments. Amazon may charge you for taxes, but those taxes do not come back to your community.

Amazon is not all bad. There are plenty of items on the site that cannot be found locally and it’s worth using when there is not a source for a particular item in your area. Just check out your local shops first for common goods to help out your own community.

pharmacy indAmazon has also recently entered the pharmacy business promising customers lower costs on drugs. For the most part, prescription costs are actually fixed by your insurance company and there is a high chance that the prescription cost through Amazon is the same prescription cost at your local pharmacy.

Amazon requires an actual prescription sent to them before they can give you any drug costs without insurance. They offer two day prescription delivery with other purchases which may sound appealing, but most local pharmacies offer same day delivery!

While Amazon allows you to speak to a pharmacist, the interaction is over the phone and nothing beats speaking to a pharmacist in person for all your healthcare needs.

Local pharmacies also offer in person services like vaccines, blood pressure monitoring, and sugar measurements that can help the pharmacist view your health and medications at a personal level. Amazon claims they offer drug cost transparency, but you can always ask your local pharmacist those same questions.

Shopping and getting prescriptions in your own community benefits you, as well!

Using the same local pharmacy allows a patient to get to know their pharmacist. Knowing the pharmacist allows for higher quality healthcare. There is so much a pharmacist can do for a patient including speaking to the patient’s doctor to get any drug changes that are needed and helping monitor chronic healthcare needs.

When your pharmacist gets to know you well, it is easier for them to resolve any problems you might run in to on prescriptions. That goes for shopping at local stores as well! Getting to know your local community members adds to your network when you need any help with day to day things.

Before shopping online, make sure to check out your community businesses first! Most of them also deliver or ship directly to you.


Shop Local, Shop Small on Small Business Saturday! By Our Student Pharmacist, Cass Baker.

Small Business Saturday is a nationally recognized shopping day to support your local neighborhood businesses. It falls on the Saturday after Thanksgiving (November 28 this year) every year and serves as a contrast to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, when holiday shopping is typically focused on larger, nationwide organizations. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to negatively impact the U.S. economy, it is more critical than ever to shop at local businesses to ensure that their goods and services remain under operation as long as possible.


The U.S Small Business Administration classifies a small business as an organization with fewer than 500 employees. As of 2019, there are 30.7 million small businesses in the U.S., and they account for 99.9% of all businesses in the U.S. Additionally, 98.2% of American businesses have less than 100 employees, and 89% of businesses have fewer than 20 employees. Clearly, the heart of commerce and the economy in the U.S. heavily relies on the success of small businesses.

Unfortunately, the majority of small American businesses are facing immense pressure to survive during the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the “Shop Small” movement, 62% of small business owners reported that they would be unable to keep their business open unless their sales reach pre-COVID levels by the end of 2020. This has major implications for job growth, since small businesses create 1.5 million jobs in the U.S. every year.

As the holidays arrive, please stay safe and consider supporting your local businesses whether that’s buying a Christmas tree at a local farm, or just stopping by a cafe to grab a cup of coffee. Your patronage ensures that money stays in your community so that businesses can potentially grow. Additionally, please take the time to thank the local employees who continue to work during the midst of the pandemic.



Our teams at Plain City Druggist and Midwestern Compounding Pharmacy are proud to support our community by serving their medication needs.

We thank you for your support, as well!

Please consider stopping by this Saturday, November 28 during our hours of 9:00am-12:00pm.

Please also support our Happy Druggist sister locations on Karl Road in Columbus, in West Jefferson, and in Mechanicsburg.


Small Business Saturday is November 30!

image 8

There are 30.2 million small businesses in America, defined by the Small Business Administration (SBA) Office of Advocacy as a firm with fewer than 500 employees. This number does not seem so small to most people and that can be verified by the fact than 99.7% of businesses in America fall into that category.  But when we look closer, we see the true essence of what we believe small businesses are. Businesses that employ fewer than 100 workers accounted for 98.2% of businesses in America. Even further, businesses with fewer than 20 workers made up 89% of businesses in America.

image 9

Small businesses are responsible for the bulk of new job creation over the last 25 years!  From 1993 to 2016, 61.8% of new jobs were created within small businesses.  In 2015 alone, 1.9 million new jobs were created by small businesses with the majority (1.1 million) coming from businesses that employ fewer than 20 employees.

Unfortunately, despite the impact that small businesses can make on a community, only about half of small businesses survive beyond 5 years and only one-third survive beyond 10 years or longer. This is especially striking when you consider that small businesses employ 58.9 million people, around 47.5% of the country’s total workforce.

Taking all these things into account, we hope that you can see how essential your support for small businesses is for the success of the country. Small businesses truly are the backbone of our economy.

image 10

When you break down the data, you can see why it is essential for America to support its small businesses and this Saturday, November 30is a great opportunity to do so; it is Small Business Saturday.

Small Business Saturday is an American shopping holiday held the Saturday after Thanksgiving every year in support of small businesses. It was first observed in 2010 in support of our small businesses in the face of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, shopping holidays that typically provide excess sales to large businesses.

Supporting local businesses allows you to keep that money in your community, grow the business, and potentially create more jobs for the people of your town, giving back to your community simply by shopping local.

image 11

Happy Druggist Pharmacy is proud to be a small business in West Jefferson providing care for its people.  Please consider stopping by our store on Saturday. We are open from 9AM-1PM.  We would love to discuss with you your prescription needs and see how we can serve your family during the holiday season. We are so very thankful for your support over the last three years. We look forward to continuing to grow and to care for this incredible community.

Please also support Plain City Druggist and Midwestern Compounding Pharmacy in Plain City this Saturday and Happy Druggist on Karl Road in Columbus.


Small Business Saturday is November 25.


After Black Friday and the mad rush to start the holiday shopping season, small businesses ask you to take a deep breath and shop small and locally on Saturday, November 25, Small Business Saturday

Shopping locally helps your community in a number of ways:

  • Improves your family’s health by eating locally grown produce and food from farmers you know.
  • Helps the local economy by keeping money within the community.
  • Protects the environment because you’re not wasting fuel and resources traveling long distances to shop.
  • Allows you to know the people behind the products you buy.
  • Keeps your community unique with interesting stores found nowhere else.
  • Supports business owners who also live in your community, are your neighbors, send their kids to the local schools, go to church at your church, pay taxes that benefit your police department and firefighters, support the local PTA and animal shelter, and also shop at other local businesses.

Here is a really cool infographic that shows the benefits of shopping within your own community. Click HERE to take a look.

We hope that you will stop in the pharmacy on Saturday from 9 am until noon and take a moment to shop within our store. We appreciate your loyalty and business so much and your continued support allows us to remain in the Plain City community.

Where you shop matters.


Shop locally