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A Love Letter to the Plain City Community from Tayler Yutzy, the New Plain City Druggist Pharmacist Manager.


Tayler learned he was a licensed pharmacist on September 5. We asked him to write a bio about himself to inform anyone who might not know him about his background as he moves into the position of pharmacist manager for Plain City Druggist. Tayler began as a clerk/delivery driver with us six years ago and worked his way up to technician and then pharmacy student intern. He has done every task in the pharmacy and in the compounding lab and knows what every employee does, because at one time or another, he has also performed that job.


Tayler will, of course, continue to be mentored by Joe, but Meghan Nestleroth, who has been with us for a year, will also be Tayler’s assistant manager. This dynamic duo will take good care of each of you.

Here is Tayler’s “love letter” to his Plain City patients, family, and friends:

I was born at THE Ohio State University hospital to long time Plain City residents Cliff and Eva Yutzy. I grew up here, graduating from Jonathan Alder where I played on the football team. I went on to THE Ohio State University to study pharmacy where I graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences (BSPS). I continued my education at Ohio State receiving my PharmD to become a pharmacist.

My first job came at age 14, working for my father’s company, Yutzy Bros Inc. I’d help my dad on various jobs and deliver salt to customers. The job provided good money and allowed me to work closely with my father. Seeing the exemplary customer service he demonstrated every day is something I associate with family owned businesses and is something I try to emulate every day. After working in the hot July sun, my dad, covered in sweat, would tell me to pursue a profession where I could make a living with my mind, not my back. For me, pharmacy was that profession.

At age 20, I was searching for a position at a pharmacy. My experience with my father’s company led me away from opportunities at less personable big chain drugstores. I wanted a position close to Plain City and close to family. Plain City Druggist was the answer. The store already had a reputation as a friendly, neighborhood pharmacy, offering excellent service to the community–exactly the kind of business I wanted to be a part of. When I interviewed with Joe, I told him of my intentions to one day own my own independent pharmacy in my hometown. Joe looked at me puzzled and laughed, saying, “That’s my job!”

Six years later, I am still working closely with Joe. After becoming a licensed pharmacist, Joe offered me the position of pharmacy manager and I was very excited to accept. In these past six years, I’ve worked every position in the pharmacy and, in doing so, fell in love with the business and the community we serve. I am very excited for this opportunity and to work in the town that has already given me so much.

Thank you, Plain City, for your many blessings. This is my hometown, the place of my childhood and so many good memories. It is a dream come true to be able to serve this community and I look forward to working with you all.


Tayler Yutzy, PharmD

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