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Thank You to Tony Bonacci for An Awesome Pharmacy Picture.

We have to thank Tony Bonacci for bringing in this really cool pharmacy picture for us. The picture, which shows a pharmacist compounding a medication, will be hung in the compounding lab where we house Midwestern Compounding Pharmacy.

Joe jokingly asked Tony if this was one of Tony’s old pharmacy professors.

If you didn’t know it, Tony Bonacci is also a pharmacist. Although, he has let his pharmacy license lapse (we begged him not to so he could work in the pharmacy, but he decided he had more important matters to take care of with Saint Joseph’s church and his work as a deacon), Tony still keeps up with things at Ohio State. Tony was the assistant dean at the College of Pharmacy when Joe went to pharmacy school there.

Tony was also absolutely essential in getting my sister, Bobbie, into pharmacy school. Bobbie had made a mistake on her application and Tony checked on it. When he found out the problem, he had Bobbie correct it and, immediately afterward, Bobbie was accepted into the program. Without Tony’s help, however, we would not have known what was wrong and Bobbie would not have gotten into the program that year. She might not have ever become a pharmacist.

So thank you, Tony, for all the things you have done for us over the years and for giving us this really awesome picture!