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The Ancient Ohio Trail is a Lovely Adventure for Ohio History Buffs!

To celebrate 2012, which features the end of the Mayan calendar and an increased focus on ancient cultures, the Ohio Historical Society (OHS) and several other groups are promoting sacred places in Ohio. With the Ancient Ohio Trail, we are led on an amazing journey across the state, visiting earthworks and other historic sites from Newark all the way to the Serpent Mound in southern Ohio.

You can find a self driving itinerary that covers the Ancient Ohio Trail and provides things to do at each of the main stops by going HERE. Click on each site to pull up the link to the itinerary.

There are enough interesting places along the Ancient Ohio Trail to make it your summer vacation route or to plan a number of weekend getaways.

Country Living magazine, produced by Ohio Rural Electric Cooperatives, which includes Union Rural Electric Cooperative in our area, has a very nice article about the Ancient Ohio Trail in their April 2012 issue. You can access it by going HERE and clicking on the April 2012 issue link in the box to the right. Once you have pulled up the April issue, the article begins on page 23. You can also find the itinerary of places to visit and stay that the editors and authors used on pages 20, 20A-20C.

Joe and I are both history buffs and we love visiting historical sites. One of the loveliest things we’ve done is visit Serpent Mound on winter solstice in December when they light luminaries that outline the shape of the snake. Being at this ancient site just before Christmas, while watching the candles in the luminaries flicker in the dark with a winter moon hanging in the sky like a giant, glowing ornament, is something I will never forget.

Winter solstice is not the only time of the year that events take place at the earthworks. In fact, this summer is being called “The Ancient Ohio Summer,” with tons of activities scheduled from June through October. For summer solstice, sunset ceremonies will occur at the Serpent Mound on June 20, at the Hopewell Culture National Historic Park in Chillicothe on June 21, and at various other locations along the Ancient Trail. There will be speakers, Labor Day weekend powwows, and other presentations throughout the year. Visit the Events page to find out more.

Often, we forget that we don’t have to traipse to exotic locales to learn and be amazed. In 2012, take the time to explore Ohio–history and enchantment are waiting, just out the back door.