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“Welcome Risen Jesus” is Companion Book to Local Author Sarah Reinhard’s “Welcome Baby Jesus.”

I first told you about Sarah Reinhard’s book Welcome Baby Jesus last summer in a blog posting you can access HERE. With the approach of the Lenten and Easter season, Sarah has a new book of reflections for families that focuses on this most holy time of the year. A companion to her Advent and Christmas reflections, Sarah’s Welcome Risen Jesus provides a way for parents and children to pray together and think about the true meaning of the Easter holiday.

Beginning with Ash Wednesday, each day leading up to Easter is given a page that begins with the challenge, “Think,” and explains the meaning of many things that children may not understand about the season and rites within the church. After explaining why certain things are done or why we are called to behave in certain ways, Sarah asks the readers to take action on what they have just read in the “Think” section. With suggestions that are divided up under “Act,” “Fast,” and “Pray,” each day of Lent offers simple ideas that children can do, but which also work well for adults hoping to give this holy time more meaning. The three steps focus upon doing good deeds, sacrificing something of importance, and talking more to God. The suggestions are easily followed. Under “Fast” on the Thursday after Ash Wednesday, Sarah offers: “Give your dessert–or the favorite part of your snack–to someone else.

Lent has always been one of my favorite times of the year. For some reason, it seemed magical to me with days given strange names: Ash Wednesday, Fat or Shrove Tuesday (also widely known as Mardi Gras–and occurring before the start of Lent on Ash Wednesday), Maundy or Holy Thursday, Palm Sunday, and Good Friday. Reflecting on the importance of those days can only make the season even more magical and holy. Welcome Risen Jesus will help families also find special meaning for those quiet days without the strange and beautiful names.

To buy your own copy of Welcome Risen Jesus, visit Sarah’s blog, Snoring Scholar HERE.

To read a nice review in the February 19 edition of The Catholic Times, click HERE and scroll down to page 22.

Also just in time for Lent, Sarah has a pamphlet, Do I Really Have to Give Something Up for Lent? that helps to explain why sacrifices can bring us closer to God during this journey toward Easter. My grandpa always liked to joke each year that he was giving up chewing tobacco and watermelon–both things that he didn’t use anyway–making it very easy for him to stick to his Lenten sacrifices.

To buy your copy of the pamphlet, go HERE.

Sarah also has a new book called, Catholic Family Fun, coming out in April. I really like the subtitle to this book: A Guide for the Adventurous, Overwhelmed, Creative, or Clueless. That pretty much describes everybody in our crazy, stress filled world! You can read more about it HERE.

You can also visit Sarah on her Facebook page.

Have a lovely Lenten season.

Welcome Baby Jesus by Local Author Sarah Reinhard.

Joe and I have known Sarah Reinhard for many years–long before she ever put her first words out into the blogosphere. Sarah, from reading her adventures on her blog, is one busy lady and I often wonder how she gets everything done (although, I do know that she took her laptop to the hospital and was blogging shortly after her second daughter was born–talk about dedication to her art!).

Sarah and her husband, Bob, and their three children attend Saint Joseph’s Catholic Church here in Plain City. Saint Joe’s is, of course, our church, too. Sarah, who did not grow up Catholic, fell in love with the religion after her marriage and conversion. She got her feet wet in the writing world by editing and writing most of the weekly Bulletins for Saint Joe’s after she became a member of the parish staff several years ago.

I have known for many years that Sarah shared my passion for writing. After the Saint Joe’s Bulletins, Sarah continued her writing career with a blog that concentrated on her life as a mother and Catholic convert. ¬†She quickly used her blog as a stepping stone that allowed her to progress to writing articles for other Catholic blogs and newspapers.

Her latest endeavor is her very first book called, Welcome Baby Jesus. The book, which offers ideas for families on celebrating Advent, provides reflections and Scripture quotes to make the Christmas season a bit less about toys and gifts and a lot more about the true meaning of the holiday.

Joe and I want to congratulate Sarah on this exciting new step in her life.

To purchase your copy of Welcome Baby Jesus through Amazon.com, go HERE.

To become a fan of Sarah’s, visit her Facebook page HERE or to find out more about her daily life as a Catholic mother and writer, go to her blog, SnoringScholar.com