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Archive for March, 2011

News For the Week.

I promised to update everyone on how the St. John’s girls did in the National Lutheran School Basketball Tournament in Indiana over the weekend. The girls ended up losing and did not get to battle it out for fifth place in the tournament. You can read all the details on the St. John’s Lutheran School Athletics page HERE.

While the girls did not go as far as they had hoped, Margie’s daughter, Michaela Henderson, was named to the All Tournament Team.  She was one of ten girls out of 800 to make this prestigious team due to her extraordinary efforts during the tournament. Congratulations, Mic! We are very, very proud of you!

The next item on our updates for the week is that pharmacy student, Anna Gehres, who many of you may remember from her rotation with us last August, will be back with us for the entire month of April. We are very happy to have Anna working in the pharmacy again starting this Friday. She has promised (at the invitation of Lion Veronica Taylor) to attend the Lions Club Dinner and Auction on April 28 at Der Dutchman. So watch for Anna there and in the store. 

If we haven’t said it enough, we’ll say it again: Shop Locally! And you have a very good chance to do that this weekend with the “Crazy Charlie’s Super Saturday 1 Day Sale” at Lovejoy’s Market. You can check out all the great advertised specials online HERE. If you don’t get a flyer for Lovejoy’s, you can go to their web site each week and look at it in color online. What a deal!

We also just spoke with Liz Troyer while we were having lunch at Jan and Tony’s and her daughter, Victoria Troyer, who used to work here in the drugstore, is in Mexico on a mission trip. Victoria had planned this trip months ago and was very excited because she was going to be helping children in an orphanage. Liz said Victoria is getting very attached to the kids. We’ll find out more when Victoria gets home. Please send her lots of prayers and good thoughts. 

Finally, there are two important birthdays on Friday, April 1–but neither person wanted an entire blog posting dedicated to their birthday (they are a little shy). So we’ll just use this space to tell my sister, Bobbie Timmons, and my good friend, Monica Slota, happy birthday on April Fool’s Day. They are the April Fool’s babies! Have a wonderful day without any tricks!

Update on the St. John’s Girls in Indiana.

Margie has been texting me from Indiana to let me know how Michaela and her team mates are doing in the National Lutheran School Basketball Tournament. On Friday, the girls won their first game against St. Paul, Kingsville, Maryland 40-25. They went on to win their second game 33-30 in what Margie called “a heart stopper!”

On Saturday, the girls, however, lost in a very narrow point spread, 25-22. They will be playing again today and if they win, will then play for fifth place. Now, I don’t know about you, but I think fifth place is pretty respectable considering that they were playing the top teams across the country and there were thirty-one teams playing in this tournament. Congratulations, girls. You did really good! We are proud of you!

I’ll keep everyone posted as soon as I hear from Margie on the outcome of the final match-ups.

Watch a Live Webcast of the St. John’s Girls’ Basketball Team as They Play in Valparaiso, Indiana.

Many of you will notice that Margie Henderson is not in the pharmacy on Thursday or Friday of this week. That is because she has taken her daughter, Michaela, on a road trip to Indiana to play basketball all weekend long. We expect they will be hauling a giant trophy in their mini van when they return to Ohio.

The St. John’s Girls’ Basketball Team (on which Michaela is a point guard and forward) was the winner in Ohio for the All Ohio Lutheran School Basketball State Title. Now they have traveled further afield to Valparaiso, Indiana to represent the Lutheran Schools of Ohio in the National Lutheran School Basketball Tournament. The thirty-one Junior High girls’ teams from across the nation will match up over the weekend to win the national title. There are teams coming from as far away as Texas and Nevada for these games.

You can watch a live webcast of the St. John’s girls playing in the tournament from March 24-27 (yes, we know they are going all the way). We are going to keep an eye on Michaela through this webcast.

The Opening Ceremony will be Thursday, March 24 at 7 pm.

Then on Friday, March 25, the St. John’s girls will play their first round match against St. Paul, Kingsville, Maryland at 11:30 am in the Blue Gym.

If you couldn’t make the five hour journey with the girls to Indiana, you can still watch them on the internet by going HERE.

To access the bracket information, go HERE. You will have to scroll down to the very bottom to find the girls.

To find out more, visit the St. John’s Lutheran School Athletics page HERE.

Congratulations to Michaela and her team mates for playing in this prestigious tournament. We know you are going to win the whole thing!

Plain City Lions Club Gives $500 to the Plain City Historical Society.

The Plain City Lions Club recently presented a check to the Plain City Historical Society for $500. In the photo, Plain City Lions Club President Ben Cosgray presents the check to Karen Vance, President of the Plain City Historical Society. Also in attendance are (from left to right), Lynn Baldwin, Secretary of the Historical Society, Harley Bodenbender, Treasurer of the Lions Club, and Bob Baldridge, Curator of the Historical Society.

The Plain City Lions Club is always seeking new members. Please contact Ben Cosgray if you are interested and would like more information about what the Club does. The Club meets on the second and fourth Thursdays of every month at 7 pm in the basement of the Plain City Presbyterian Church. A home cooked meal is provided with each meeting thanks to the generosity of Judy Bodenbender and Judy Weeks. The Club also tries to have an interesting speaker or program on the schedule for each meeting.

If you’d like to be Joe’s guest at the next Lions Club meeting to find out what the Club is about, stop in the pharmacy and ask him if you can tag along. He’d be happy to take you.

Lions Club Auction Items Feature Carved Blue Jays by Jim Converse and a Trip with The Captains.

Each year, Jim Converse graciously carves and donates a piece of artwork featuring one of his famous birds to the Plain City Lions Club for their annual charity auction in April. On Thursday, March 17, Jim dropped off his latest carving that features a male and a female blue jay. Jim’s carvings are always so realistic that you wait anxiously for the birds to chirp. The blue jays are no exception, looking so life like, with each feather detailed, that you imagine they may just fly away.

The blue jay carving will be auctioned off at the Lion’s Club Auction on Thursday, April 28.

Jim spends so many hours on these carvings that there is no way we could ever thank him enough for his time and dedication to the Lions. But we will try. Thank you, Jim, for your generosity each year and for using your talents for charity.

Besides the blue jays, there is also another priceless item being auctioned off–a fishing trip at Lake Erie with Captains Richard Murray and Roger Weeks. Joe and I have been out with these two and we know you will not have a better experience navigating the Lake than with Richard and Roger. And when you come back from your tour around the Lake, you will probably be loaded with perch–but even if you don’t catch a single fish, we can assure you, you will arrive home feeling very happy and carrying tons of good memories of your day with the Captains.

So make sure you are at the Lions Auction on April 28 to bid on these one-of-a-kind items.