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Archive for May, 2013

Tique-Tock Gifts and Antiques Offers Unique Finds in a Unique Setting.

If a building was ever destined to house an antique shop, it was the beautiful clock tower building which symbolizes our village. And transforming the building into an antique extravaganza called Tique-Tock is exactly what Tammy and David Redmond have done with the gorgeous, historic building located at 101 South Chillicothe Street.

As most of you know, the clock tower building housed the village hardware store for years and years. When Perry Yoder moved the hardware to it’s current location across from the fire station, the clock tower building held several different shops until the Redmonds opened Tique-Tock. In fact, Joe and I even took a look at the building as a possible location for the pharmacy before we built at our current spot.

The clock tower building was renovated in 2002-2003. From the twenty foot ceilings lined in tin to the gorgeous pine floors, buildings just are not constructed with this many beautiful details any more. The Redmonds have incorporated many of the lovely features, including a wall of cubbies and drawers and an original, Ohio-made sliding ladder (imagine multi-storied libraries in English manor houses if you need help visualizing this unique item) into their marketing scheme for the shop. Merchandise is featured to enhance the surroundings and vice versa.

The Redmonds opened Tique-Tock as a second career in their retirement years to share their love of antiques and charming collectibles.

Sitting below the giant four-sided Seth Thomas clock, which is thought to be one of only two of its size in the United States, Tique Tock offers not only an unusual shopping experience, but a chance to see all three floors of the clock tower building (over 4,000 square feet!). Inside the shop, you will find new items, as well as tons of antiques that have been around even longer than the clock tower itself. And if you don’t see what you are looking for, talk to Tammy and David about becoming your “personal pickers.” They’d be happy to help you find exactly what you want, even if they have to step outside their shop to find it.

Remember, by stopping at Tique-Tock when you need a special gift, you’ll be supporting the Plain City economy by shopping local.

Tique-Tock is open Mondays through Saturdays from 11 am to 6 pm and by special appointment. Contact Tammy and David Redmond at 614-506-6541 for more information. You can also email them at redmondta@gmail.com.

Check out their web site and even shop online HERE.

And LIKE them on Facebook HERE.

Plain City Will Feature a Fourth of July Parade this Year!

Many of you may have heard that the Fourth of July parade was going to be cancelled this year due to financial problems within the Village. But a group of concerned Plain City residents have taken it upon themselves (with blessings from the Village) to plan the parade and will be hosting fundraising events in the coming year to fund the fireworks, which have been cancelled for 2013.

The Fourth of July parade will take place on Thursday, July 4, at 2 pm, beginning at the north entrance of Pastime Park. The grand marshals of the parade will be the Lovejoy Family who are celebrating 63 years as grocery store owners in the Plain City community.

If you have a parade entry or would like more information, please contact Leslie Perkins, 614-873-8381 or Colleen Davis, 614-632-4512.

And if you’d like to help with the parade committee, please join their group on Facebook HERE.

There is also a Facebook group that has been set up to help with the fireworks fundraising for 2014. If you are interested in helping and would like to join the group, please go HERE.

Please come out and celebrate Independence Day by joining in or watching the parade, a Plain City patriotic tradition!

Bob Converse will be Speaking at Serpent Mound on Saturday, June 22, During the Summer Solstice Celebration!

Joe and I love going to the Great Serpent Mound in Peebles, Ohio. We have been there at Winter Solstice in December for the “lighting of the snake.” Candles are lit and placed around the earthworks, which are formed in the shape of a snake with a round object (an egg, perhaps?) at the snake’s mouth–it looks as if the snake is getting ready to swallow the egg.

In June, for the Summer Solstice, the Friends of Serpent Mound will be holding a three day Summer Solstice Celebration from June 21-23. On Saturday, June 22, local Plain City author and archeologist, Bob Converse, will be speaking at 3 pm on Adena Culture. His talk will focus on cultural characteristics, artifacts, and other aspects of the Adena culture. He will also look at the relationship between the Adena and the Ohio Hopewell. This is a super chance to hear Bob speak.

Bob Converse, as many of you may know, is the editor for The Archeological Society of Ohio. He has also written numerous books and articles on archeology. You can purchase many of Bob’s books through The Archeological Society of Ohio’s store HERE.

To see the complete list of presenters and events occurring during the Summer Solstice Celebration, visit the Friends of Serpent Mound web site HERE.

You can also join the Friends of Serpent Mound group on Facebook HERE and then visit their events page HERE.

To find out more about the history of Serpent Mound, visit the Ohio Historical Society’s site HERE.

Community Care Day is Tuesday, May 21! Pitch In!

It is time once again to help spruce up Plain City and Union County after the ravages of snow, rain, and overgrown weeds have left their mark on the streets and sidewalks. UPCO (Uptown Plain City Organization) is partnering with the United Way of Union County for Community Care Day 2013 on Tuesday, May 21, to not only clean up Plain City, but to also allow volunteers to help with other activities benefitting seniors, libraries, parks, and other community landmarks.

On Community Care Day, volunteers will meet at St. John’s Lutheran School (12809 State Route 736 in Marysville) from 7:45 to 8:30 am to get checked in. Breakfast will be provided and volunteers will receive a “Live United” t-shirt to wear. From 8:30 am to 5 pm, volunteers will move out through Union County to work on projects. Lunch will be served at Buffalo Wild Wings between noon and 1 pm.

For a list of community projects you can help with or to request assistance with a specific project, visit the United Way of Union County’s web site HERE.

Happy Birthday to Our Friend, Mary Andrews Mitchell!

We want to wish our dear friend, Mary Mitchell, a very happy birthday on Wednesday, May 15. If you know Mary, please take a moment and drop her a birthday card in the mail or call her with a message of cheer for her special day.

We always liked to attend the piano recitals Mary used to have each year for her students. Mary would perform a duet with each student and dazzle the audience. While her health has ended the piano lessons, we know Mary still has beautiful pieces of music playing through her memories.

Have a lovely, lovely birthday, Mary!!