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Back to School Time. By Our August Student Pharmacist, Katy Hoffman.


August is here–the month kids have been dreading since the start of summer. The month that means it is time to return to school.

Getting back into school mode can be quite the chore. Here are some tips to help make the journey slightly more manageable.

  1. Try to get back on a proper sleeping schedule a few days before the start of school.
  • No more video games or television until the early morning or even past 8 PM– staring at bright screens can make it harder to fall asleep come bedtime.
  • No more caffeine past 6 PM— drinking caffeinated beverages (pop, tea, and/or coffee) later in the evening will make it more difficult to fall asleep at night.
  • Come up with a bedtime routine—this will help the body realize when it is time to go to bed and it will allow the body to relax for sleep.
  1. Eat healthier to help increase energy levels.
  • Limit your junk food intake— having a balanced diet is important to maintaining adequate and sustainable energy levels.
  • Drink plenty of water—staying well hydrated is also important to having adequate energy levels.
  1. Help ease the transition with positive thoughts and a great attitude.
  • Get excited for a new school year— it is a chance to reconnect with friends from class.
  • Back to school shopping does not have to be a drag—try to get more than just basic school supplies. Get something special like a new outfit.

Getting back into school mode is difficult, but hopefully these tips will help ease the transition. Remember to sleep and eat right and keep a positive attitude. Next summer will be here before you know it.


FYI: First Day of Classes for Important Schools and Colleges (per Robin).

Jonathan Alder begins school on Wednesday, August 19.

Fairbanks begins on Monday, August 17.

St. John’s Lutheran School begins on Thursday, August 20.

The Ohio State University begins classes on Tuesday, August 25.

Washington University in St. Louis starts academic activities on Monday, August 24. We had to add this in for Margie, because her daughter, Michaela, will begin her Freshman year on August 24. Have a great Autumn Semester, Mic!


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