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Saturday: 9 am to noon
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Plain City Druggist was started in November 1999. Joe had always dreamed of owning his own independent drugstore. After graduating from The Ohio State University’s College of Pharmacy in 1995, he mentored with Ernie Sparks of The Medicine Shoppe in London to learn the ropes. Because we lived in Plain City, it seemed the natural choice for Joe when he decided to start the pharmacy. Originally, Joe had hoped to buy an existing store, but when that opportunity did not present itself, he decided to start from scratch in a town that had been without a pharmacy for almost eight years.

I graduated with my pharmacy degree in March of 1999 and once I was working as a pharmacist and could pay our bills, Joe quit at Wal-Mart and opened Plain City Druggist.

We cannot say thank you enough to the community that has supported us.

We also cannot forget Paul Carpenter, who served as, not only our delivery person, but as our P.R. man during those first years. Paul died in December 2001, but he truly helped get the pharmacy off the ground.