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Archive for the ‘Birthdays to Remember.’ Category

Happy Birthday to Our Friend, Mary Andrews Mitchell!

We want to wish our dear friend, Mary Mitchell, a very happy birthday on Wednesday, May 15. If you know Mary, please take a moment and drop her a birthday card in the mail or call her with a message of cheer for her special day.

We always liked to attend the piano recitals Mary used to have each year for her students. Mary would perform a duet with each student and dazzle the audience. While her health has ended the piano lessons, we know Mary still has beautiful pieces of music playing through her memories.

Have a lovely, lovely birthday, Mary!!

Happy Birthday to The Captain, Richard Murray, on Sunday, November 4.

Happy Birthday to our very special friend and yachting captain, Richard Murray.

Richard, as most of you know, is Ann’s husband. Ann worked in Plain City Druggist from almost the first day we opened until last May when she finally decided to slow down and retire. Poor Richard was always being volunteered to help with things in the drugstore, because of Ann. From fixing toilets, taking deliveries, hanging festive lights, and opening bottled soda pop at Christmas Under the Clock, Richard has filled in and lent a hand whenever we’ve needed him. We cannot thank him and Ann enough for their dedication and friendship.

Happy Birthday, Richard. We hope you will have many, many more happy years! We love you.

Happy Birthday on November 2 to our dad, Bob Timmons!

We want to wish our dad, Bob Timmons, a very happy birthday on Friday, November 2. We won’t tell you how old Dad is, but if you know cars, you can kind of date him from the car in the black and white photo (and, yes, that photo truly was black and white–it was not doctored to make it look old!). That is our mom, Roberta, and cousin, Gary, in the picture with dad. And the pretty blonde lady is Aunt Shirley, Dad’s sister. Just try guessing her age–you never will!

Have a great day, Dad. We hope you get exactly what you want for your birthday and not a bottle of anti-gas medicine (as seen in the photo to the left)–although, maybe you do want that! Ha, ha!

Enjoy your day. We love you.

Happy Birthday on March 21 to Our Fabulous Office Manager, Loreen Stutzman!

We want to wish a happy, happy birthday to Loreen Stutzman, who takes care of all the paperwork, payroll, and office work that Joe and I just don’t have time to do. Loreen has been such a blessing to us, conquering all of the problems and tasks that often never left our “to do” lists. But thanks to Loreen, those things are now DONE!

Loreen has worked for us for a little over a year and she has really made our lives hassle-free. We don’t know how we got along before without her! Being a mom, she knows how to multi-task and keep us all on track to complete even the most mundane jobs! And she does it all with a giant smile on her face!

Thank you, Loreen, for all that you do! We hope you will be well enough to celebrate your birthday in style–no upset bellies to prevent feasting on lots of cake!

Happy Birthday on March 14 to Dr. Steve Tornik!

We want to wish Dr. Steve Tornik of Tornik Family Medicine a very happy birthday on Wednesday, March 14. Dr. Tornik is second from the left in the photo of the “firing squad.” Joe is fourth from the left (as if you could not spot him!). This photo was actually taken at the Memorial Hospital charity shooting event–so no need to worry about gangs of armed doctors and pharmacists patrolling Plain City!

We are very happy to have Dr. Tornik in town and we know his patients feel the same way.

March 14, as some of you may know, is also Pi Day (Pi equals 3.14159…, but mathematicians round to 3.14 for this day). March 14 is also the birthday of Albert Einstein. Dr. Tornik is in fine company with geniuses and mathematicians on this day! We wish him an infinite amount of happiness!