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Archive for the ‘Customers of the Month’ Category

Happy Birthday on November 2 to Three Super People!

November 2 seems to be a day for wonderful people to be born.The first of those people is our dad, Bob Timmons.

Dad seems to always have a list that Joe has given him of things to do. Instead of a “honey do” list, he carries the “daddy do” list with him. We don’t know what we’d “do” without him, though. He takes care of everything we don’t have the time or skills to do! We love him for that.

The next person we have to celebrate is our Aunt Bonnie Winters, who is Joe’s dad’s sister. Aunt Bonnie, who lives in New Mexico, is pictured here with her daughter, our cousin, April. Aunt Bonnie is one of the kindest people we know and she truly deserves a year of blessings.

Our final person, who is celebrating her birthday on November 2, can call both Dad and Aunt Bonnie little “whipper snappers.” That is because Betty Raley is 90 years old!

This photo of Joe and Betty is from December of 2000 when Betty was only a young 80! This picture was taken when Betty was chosen as our “customer of the month,” and we took her out to lunch with us and Paul Carpenter (who was her next door neighbor and good friend).

Betty is currently staying at The Gables at Green Pastures. If you would like to send her a birthday message, you can mail a card to: The Gables at Green Pastures, Attn: Betty Raley, Room 100 A, 390 Gables Drive, Marysville, Ohio 43040

Please do send Betty a card or stop by to see her!!! We know it would bring a big smile to her face to see or hear from Plain City folks.

Happy Birthday to some of our favorite people who just happen to share a birthday. We love you and wish you much happiness.

Our June Customer of the Month: Anna McCoy

We decided that we would start a new feature here on the blog to honor some of our customers who we are so proud to know (and, frankly, love like family). We got the idea yesterday when Anna McCoy came in the pharmacy after a long absence. Anna has supported the pharmacy from the very beginning and has never stopped getting her medicines with us. However, health problems have kept her from being able to physically come in the store without someone bringing her. Barb came and found me and said we had to get a photo of Anna, because she had not been in for quite some time and she was so glad to see Anna. 

Anna very kindly agreed to pose with Joe. We want to congratulate Anna for being our June Customer of the Month and our very first Customer of the Month. We could not do what we do without our super customers.