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Take a Walk on July 7 for National Father Daughter Take a Walk Day or Walk Any Day with Dad. By Our Student Pharmacist, Sarah Jicomelli.

July 7 was National Father Daughter Take a Walk Day and, as a daughter who often goes on walks with her father, I can attest to the benefits of participating in this holiday. The bond between a father and a daughter is very special and has been shown to have a large impact on a woman’s life.

Dr. Linda Nielson, professor of Adolescent and Education Psychology at Wake Forest University, has researched the topic extensively (she created the first university class on the father daughter relationship!) and has concluded that a positive relationship while growing up leads daughters to get better grades, make more money, and have more emotional resilience as adults compared to those that do not have that positive relationship. Her research states that fathers play a distinct role in the development of how a daughter assesses risk, approaches challenges, and forms relationships with confidence.

That developed ability to assess risk leads women to land higher paying roles and careers (often ones in STEM), and decreases their risky behavior involvement in things like binge drinking and recreational drug use. Women with good father figures also tend to be more assertive and self-confident – not seeking validation from an outside source – and can demonstrate self-regulation in stressful situations which can show up as lower reports of anxiety and depression!

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That being said, walking is obviously not exclusive to just fathers and daughters – it is an activity everyone can participate in! According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, CDC, people who partake in physical activity, like walking, have a lower risk of heart disease, diabetes, depression and some cancers. It has also been shown to help you live longer!

There are multiple benefits to taking a walk:

  • It can help strengthen your heart!
    • According to research conducted at Harvard School of Public Health, women who take just a 30 minute walk a day can significantly lower their risk of stroke by 20%.
  • It can help improve your mood!
    • A study out of California State, Long Beach concluded that people’s mood correlated to the amount of steps they took: the more steps, the better their mood!
  • It can slow down mental decline and lower the risk of Alzheimer’s!
    • A study conducted by University of California, San Francisco researchers that included 6,000 women showed that age-related memory decline was lower in women who walked more. In addition, a study from the University of Virginia Health System found that men between the ages of 71 and 93 who walked more than 0.25 miles a day had about half the incidence of Alzheimer’s and dementia compared to men who walked less!
  • It can help you maintain a healthy weight!
    • Going on a walk burns calories, and there are ways to increase that caloric burn: walking at a brisker pace, choose a path with some incline, and focus on proper form to maximize muscle use

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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, CDC, the recommendation is 150 minutes of aerobic activity (like brisk walking at 3-4 mph) a week. This comes out to 30 minutes a day for five days out of the week. That being said, sometimes a busy schedule makes it hard to dedicate those 30 minutes at one time, so the CDC suggests breaking it up throughout the day into smaller bouts of activity that are at least 10 minutes long.

If you want to get outside and walk, here are some great areas to walk around the Plain City area:

  • Pastime Park
    • ½ mile walking trail!
  • Indian Run Falls
    • Waterfall feature!
  • Glacier Ridge Metro Park
    • Try the Glacier Ridge Loop or the Ironweed Trail!

The best part about walking is it is free! It takes no special clothes, equipment, or environment, and almost everyone can participate. You can use it as a time to listen to your favorite music, podcast, or just the sounds of nature, spend time with your beloved pet, or have a conversation with someone you love – maybe your father!

Father And Daughter Walking Dog Along Suburban Street

Father And Daughter Walking Dog Along Suburban Street


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St. Joseph’s Catholic Church Fish Fries Return Friday, March 4.

Fish fries 2022

It is that time of year again. Time to enjoy a fish meal each Friday during Lent. Once again Saint Joseph’s Catholic Church and the local Knights of Columbus will be holding their Friday Fish Fries every Friday through April 8. The Fish Fries will be held at the Parish Activity Center (the PAC), 670 West Main Street (behind the firehouse) from 5:30-8 pm.

Meals are $10 for adults, $9 for seniors, $8 for children 12 and under. Besides either two pieces of fried or baked fish (please request the baked fish if you would like it), the adult meal also includes soda or coffee, and two sides–cole slaw, fries, or macaroni and cheese. The child meal includes one piece of fish, two sides, and a beverage. Additionally, you can purchase homemade desserts for a donation that benefits the St. Martin de Porres Society.

Carry out service of the meals is also available. You can mark on the order form if you will be carrying out or eating at the PAC.

So please come out this Friday, March 4, and support the Knights of Columbus. Join them each Friday (March 11, 18, 25, April 1 and 8) throughout Lent (excluding Good Friday on April 15) for a delicious meal and lots of enjoyable socializing with neighbors, friends, and family.

For more info, visit Saint Joe’s web site HERE where you can download an order form for the fish fries. See the order form below.

For a complete Lenten Fish Fry Guide that lists churches throughout Ohio hosting fish fries, go HERE.

Fish fry order form

October 19 is National Pharmacy Technician Day. By Our Student Pharmacist, Joe Raney.


Beginning in 1991, pharmacies began to recognize the third Tuesday in October as National Pharmacy Technician Day.

The American Association of Pharmacy Technicians first suggested this day and since then other pharmacy organizations have spread the message, as well. The message that is being sent is that pharmacy technicians are an invaluable part of any pharmacy team whether that is in the community retail setting, a hospital, or other non-traditional pharmacy settings.

Pharmacy technicians are often not given the recognition they deserve. As any pharmacist who has lost a great pharmacy technician will tell you, their work can dramatically change the landscape of a pharmacy.

The responsibilities of a pharmacy technician are vast. A pharmacy technician must be willing to work fluidly between different responsibilities to keep the pharmacy running smoothly. In addition to the fluid work environment, a pharmacy technician must also work accurately. Processing and filling prescriptions prior to the pharmacist checking them must be done accurately and efficiently. Pharmacies can fill hundreds of prescriptions per day so any errors will slow down the process of getting patients their medications. Without pharmacy technicians, it would probably take several days to get your medicine instead of several minutes!

Pharmacy technicians work in many different settings outside of a traditional retail pharmacy. The second most common job for a pharmacy technician is in a hospital. The responsibilities of a hospital pharmacy technician are different than community pharmacy technicians, but there is still a requirement for accurate and efficient work.

In hospital pharmacy, the technicians must prepare medications using aseptic technique. This means pharmacy technicians must work carefully and intentionally to make sure there are no contaminants from the air that would enter the IV bags. Additionally, they must work as a team to produce medications in the pharmacy and make sure they are being delivered to the correct location in a timely manner.

Outside of a hospital, pharmacy technicians can work for insurance companies, drug wholesalers, compounding pharmacies, and government agencies. Their unique experiences in pharmacy make them valuable members of any team.

In conclusion, this day was started by pharmacy technicians to bring attention to all the hard work pharmacy technicians do to keep patients safe and satisfied. A pharmacy technician has to be flexible and fill many roles in the pharmacy. A pharmacy without technicians would not be able to function.

Pharmacy technicians fill so many more roles than the traditional retail pharmacy job. With that, be sure to let your pharmacy technicians know you appreciate the work they do on October 19.

National-Pharmacy-Technician-Day (1)


The Orchard and Company is Open Weekends Beginning September 11.


The Orchard and Company, a family friendly destination, will be open beginning this Saturday, September 11 for their annual Family Fun on the Farm from 11 am-6 pm, September and October weekends through October 31st. They will close at 4 pm on October 31st.

You can take part in the “U-Pick Apples” as different varieties of apples become ready for picking. Check out the web site HERE for picking schedules, pricing, and the type of apple that is ready to pick.

The Orchard and Company features, not only an apple orchard, but also many exciting activities meant to entice visitors from Plain City and across the state.

For children, there are tons of fun activities that will keep them on the move, including a pedal car track, tire climb, jumping pillow, zip lines, and more.

The Orchard and Company is located south of Plain City at 7255 US Highway 42 North at the intersection of US Highway 42 and Price Hilliard Road, just a short, scenic drive from Columbus, London, Marysville, or Dayton. They are located across the road from Canaan Middle School.

The Orchard and Company would also like to encourage bicycle aficionados to ride out. The Orchard and Company is only a few miles from the Heritage Rail Trail’s endpoint on Cemetery Pike in Plain City.

An Orchard Festival Farm Yard day pass is $12.00 for adults and children (3-18), $5.00 for seniors. Children two and under receive free admission. A season pass is $20.

Fishing in The Orchard’s pond requires an additional $2. Gem Mining to search for “pay dirt” gems is $5.00, while a hunt for fossils is $6.00. The paintball range is $5.00

The Orchard and Company can also accommodate large groups and parties. Contact The Orchard for a place to host school outings, birthday parties, reunions, weddings, company meetings, and other special occasions.

For more information on The Orchard and Company, visit their web site: www.theorchardandcompany.com

Become a fan on Facebook HERE.

Enjoy a Safe and Relaxing Labor Day. We will Re-Open at 9 am on Tuesday, September 7.


We want to wish everyone a relaxing and enjoyable Labor Day. Please remember that we are allowing our staff to celebrate the holiday, so the pharmacy will be closed on Monday, September 6.

We will re-open on Tuesday, September 7 at 9 am and will be open regular business hours.

We will also be open regular hours on Saturday, September 4 from 9 am to noon, so if you need anything in advance of the holiday, please come in and see us.

If you have an emergency over this Labor Day weekend, you can reach the pharmacist on call by phoning the after hours number at 614-873-0020.