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Christmas in the Park in West Jefferson is December 14, 15, and 16.


This year will mark the 23rd Annual Christmas in the Park in Garrette Park in West Jefferson. The event will take place Friday, December 14 (5:30 pm to 11 pm), Saturday, December 15 (6-11 pm), and Sunday, December 16 (6-10 pm).

Christmas in the Park gets underway with the Opening Ceremonies at 5:30 pm on Friday evening when Santa arrives and turns on the park lights. Music will be performed by the West Jefferson High School Jazz Band and Choir.

Following Santa’s arrival, you can visit with him and stop by his workshop. There will also be carriage rides and concessions.

On Saturday, December 15, the Parade of Lights heads out at 5:30 pm from the American Legion and winds its way through town to Garrette Park.

For more information on the parade and how you can participate, go HERE.

There will be a Home Decorating Contest that will be judged the week of December 9-15. The winners will be announced on Sunday evening at 7:45 pm with cash prizes for the top three best decorated houses.

To learn how you can enter the Home Decorating Contest, please go HERE.

To find out more and see the full schedule of events, visit the Christmas in the Park web site HERE.

Donations are always needed, including donations of time as volunteers are essential to help on each night of the event and in preparation beforehand.

Monetary donations can be sent to: Christmas in the Park, PO Box 262, West Jefferson, OH 43162.

Christmas in the Park is an extension of the not for profit corporation, West Jefferson Community Association, and is comprised of volunteer citizens in the community.

Like Christmas in the Park on Facebook HERE.


Please Stop in for Our Open House During Christmas Under the Clock from 5-8 pm on Saturday, December 1.


Please join us this Saturday, December 1, for our Open House and Customer Appreciation evening from 5-8 pm during Christmas Under the Clock.

We will have lots of food and other goodies, plus seasonal music and discounts, including 30 percent off all non-prescription items.

Christmas Under the Clock is again being sponsored this year by UPCO (Uptown Plain City Organization) and the Village of Plain City.

Participating open house locations will be giving away lots of prizes, gifts, and refreshments. The more open houses you visit, the more chances you have to win. Pick up a map at the first open house you visit to locate all of the other places holding open houses. There will also be a copy of the map posted on the Christmas Under the Clock Facebook page, so check it out before you head out for the evening.

Get around town safely by riding one of the shuttle vans running to Yoder’s Hardware and the Jefferson Avenue businesses, including us, between 5:30 and 8 pm, arriving and leaving every thirty minutes. Wagon rides will take place in the Uptown leaving Lovejoy Plaza and traveling to Yoder’s Hardware to visit Santa.

Here at the drugstore, we will be giving away gift certificates to many local businesses. So stop in and sign up to win!

We’ll be raffling off gift certificates for:

Christmas Under the Clock actually gets under way at 5 pm with the Tree Lighting Ceremony in Bicentennial Park (the Flatiron between Chillicothe and Main Streets). There will be local carolers, Starlight Twirlers (baton twirlers), Santa, and much more entertainment at the Tree Lighting. The tree will be lit up by the Tree Lighting Pixies, winners of the Christmas Coloring Contest.

Once you’ve been dazzled by the tree lighting ceremony and entertainers, head over to the Daily Needs Assistance, DNA, 340 West Main Street, for a Christmas Fair. DNA will also have an interactive nativity scene provided by Plain City Church Fellowship.

You can take a horse drawn wagon ride to Yoder’s True Value Hardware for photos with Santa. As you wait for a wagon ride in Lovejoy Plaza, enjoy ham and bean soup from UPCO and provided by Der Dutchman restaurant.

Rock on Ice is back this year. See them create ice masterpieces in Lovejoy Plaza.


On your way to see Santa, stop by the Plain City Library, 305 West Main Street, for live music with Classical Sounds and the Friends of the Library’s Book Sale, which actually gets started at 5 pm on December 1 and continues through December 10 during library open times: Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 10-9 and Friday-Saturday from 10-6 (please note that the library will be closed on Wednesday, December 5). The sale will feature gift items, adult and children’s books, movies, music, and more. Proceeds go to benefit the Friends of the Plain City Public Library who support library programming and improvements.

Like the Library on Facebook HERE and keep up on all their events.


Carlisle Gifts will hold an Open House during Christmas Under the Clock. Receive a free gift with a purchase of $15 or more while supplies last. Additionally, beginning on November 30 at 8 am and continuing through December 1 at 9 pm, you can:

  • Find the Christmas Piggle for gift certificates, discounts or giveaways.
  • Win Prize Drawings Every hour on the hour from 10 am to 8 pm.
  • Win Vera Bradley bags, Noelle clothing or purses, and much more.
  • Listen to Christmas Carolers.
  • Enjoy the Hot Chocolate Bar and Der Dutchman Refreshments.

For more information on the 17th Annual Christmas Under the Clock celebration, go HERE.

You can also find out more about what is going on by LIKING Christmas Under the Clock on Facebook HERE. You can also like UPCO’s Facebook page HERE.

While you can walk Main Street downtown, it is a little more tricky to get out to us on Route 42. Luckily, as mentioned previously, there will be van shuttles available to take people from Yoder’s Hardware up and down Jefferson Avenue (Route 42). Let the skilled Christmas Under the Clock volunteer drivers get you safely where you need to go.


Enter the Christmas Under the Clock Coloring Contest.


It’s that time of year again. Time for your young artists to pull out their crayons and markers and enter the coloring contest to win a chance to be a “Tree lighting Pixie.”

Children 10 and under are eligible to enter the annual coloring contest. Winners will be chosen from three age groups: 5 and under, 6-8, and 9-10.

All winners must be available on Saturday, December 1 from 4:30 to 5:45 pm for the tree lighting ceremony during Christmas Under the Clock. Tree lighting pixies will turn on the switch to officially light the Plain City Christmas tree and get the holiday underway.

To download an official coloring contest entry form, please go HERE. Or print off the form at the bottom of this posting by clicking on it and then printing.

Coloring contest entry forms can also be picked up at Mainstreet Treasures, 150 West Main Street in Plain City.

Send your completed entry to: UPCO, PO Box 297, Plain City, OH 43064

All entries must be received by Friday, November 16.

Winners will be chosen by members of the Christmas Under the Clock committee.

For more information on Christmas Under the Clock, visit the Uptown Plain City Organization (UPCO) web site HERE.

Winners will be announced on the Uptown Plain City (UPCO) Facebook page and via their contact information provided on the entry form. Visit the UPCO Facebook page, HERE.

You can also find out more on the Christmas Under the Clock Facebook page HERE.

The rules for the coloring contest are below. The deadline to turn in the entry is Friday, November 16.



What’s for Lunch? A Back-To-School Lunch Guide By Our September Student Pharmacist, Rebecca Miller.


Feeding our kids healthy and nutritious meals is important because, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics, kids who eat nutritious meals do better in school.

Everyone knows that eating healthy is better for kids, but just how bad is it for a child to eat unhealthy food? A poor diet increases a child’s risk of obesity, cancer, poor cognitive development, and poor school performance (CDC). A single can of soda each day increases a child’s risk of obesity by 60%.

Most parents know that feeding their kids unhealthy food is not good for them. They know that their kids need to eat healthy to be healthy. But they don’t know what is considered healthy or how to make a healthy lunch that will work for school and which their child will eat.

What is a healthy lunch?

School-aged kids need somewhere between 1,200 and 3,000 calories per day. The exact number depends on a variety of factors which include age, gender, and activity level, among others. Every child is so different, though, that it is much less important to make sure that they are not getting too many calories and much more important that the food they have access to has the right kinds of calories.

A simple rule of thumb is to eat, per total meal, ¼ fresh or frozen fruit, ¼ fresh or frozen vegetables, ¼ whole-grains, ¼ protein, and have a serving of dairy (in addition or as the protein). The fruits and vegetables ensure that the child is getting plenty of vitamins, minerals, and quick energy. The protein and whole grains ensure that the child will have long-lasting energy to carry them through the school day and keep their minds sharp.

OK, but that is too expensive and takes too much work for our family…

Luckily, your child doesn’t need a complicated meal every day for lunch. A lunch box filled with grapes (fruit), carrots (vegetable), whole grain crackers (grain), and yogurt (protein and dairy) gives your child everything they need for a healthy lunch. Add a re-fillable bottle of water to keep them hydrated and they are ready to go. Below you can follow a chart which gives several ideas to help you mix and match items from each category to create healthy lunches that are quick to assemble, won’t be boring, and don’t break the bank.


One way to make packing a healthy lunch easier on hectic mornings is… pack the night before. If there are any ingredients which could get soggy (like bread with mustard), just pack them separately and have your child assemble them when they are ready to eat.

fruits and veggies

How do I get my child on board?

A great way to reduce the frequency of the inevitable battle of food that your child doesn’t want is to give them a list of options from each category (either a list of what you have in the house or a list of what you are willing to buy the next time you go to the grocery) and allow them to choose which options they prefer. This allows you to be sure that they are getting a healthy meal and allows them to have some control and choice in their lunches. Packing lunches the night before also allows the kids to participate, giving them a sense of involvement.

For additional resources on healthy meal options see www.choosemyplate.gov


What is “Walking Pneumonia”? By Our September Student Pharmacist, MiKayla Matheny.

pastedImage 5

Most people know someone who’s had pneumonia but not everyone really knows what it is.

Pneumonia is a lung infection that is often caused by bacteria but can be due to viruses or other germs. Pneumonia happens when an infection causes the air sacs in the lungs to fill up with mucus. This can cause a fever, chest pain (that is usually worse with deep breaths), a fast heartbeat, shaking or chills, and coughing that brings up mucus.

When a pneumonia is really bad, it needs urgent medical attention and treatment to help prevent further problems. Sometimes, however, pneumonia can be pretty mild and may be hard to recognize. This type of mild pneumonia is sometimes called a “walking pneumonia” because a person who has it may not feel very sick and can still walk around, go to work, and do most of their normal activities. A person with walking pneumonia may have headaches, body aches, a persistent cough, and generally feel tired or run-down. These symptoms are not always bad enough to make a person think they are sick or they may be mistaken for the symptoms of a common cold.

pastedImage 4

Walking pneumonia may not sound so bad compared to what people tend to think of with a serious, full-blown pneumonia, but it is still very important to treat it. Here’s why:

Walking pneumonia is usually caused by a different, more unusual type of bacteria than most other pneumonias. This type of bacteria (doctors call it Mycoplasma) grows more slowly than other pneumonia-causing germs but can be harder to get rid of. This means that walking pneumonia tends to get worse slowly, but usually does continue to get worse without treatment. The bacteria that typically cause walking pneumonia can be resistant to some common antibiotics, so it is very important to get treatment early. Treating walking pneumonia, or any type of pneumonia for that matter, as early as possible helps the person recover much more quickly and reduces the risk of having other more serious problems. If you have symptoms that could be pneumonia, it is important to see a doctor.

Even with very mild symptoms, walking pneumonias can still be contagious and spread to other people. An infection which might just be uncomfortable or inconvenient for a young, otherwise healthy person can be devastating if it gets passed to someone with a weaker immune system. Young children, older people (>65 years), and people with chronic medical conditions like asthma, COPD, uncontrolled diabetes or kidney problems are much more at risk of having serious problems if they catch pneumonia.

To help prevent the spread of pneumonias and many other infections (like the flu) always cover your coughs and sneezes and wash your hands frequently. Stay home when you are sick and wear a face mask if you need to go out in public. It is also very important to get your flu shot every year and as well as pneumonia shot if you need one.

pastedImage 6