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Celebrate Earth Day on Tuesday, April 22.

The very first Earth Day was celebrated forty-four years ago in 1970. Since that time, our Earth has grown ever more damaged and fragile.

When I was little, one of my favorite pastimes was taking a walk, looking at the flowers and bugs and listening to the birds hailing each other above me. Everything was beautiful and exciting to me at that age. Even now, however, when I go out to fill the bird feeders on mornings awash in the pinks and silvers of daybreak, I am filled with awe and amazement at the beauty surrounding me in my own back yard. The trees feel like old friends, sparrows and blue jays hanging from the branches. I cannot imagine these simple treasures disappearing.

We must protect our backyards, our villages, our countries, our Earth. We have never been so connected–the internet causing miles to disappear at the touch of a keyboard. We are all united in these connections. As Marshall McLuhan said in 1964, “There are no passengers on Spaceship Earth. We are all crew.”

Find out more about Earth Day and events you can participate in by going HERE. Below are a few that are taking place in Columbus and surrounding counties.

The Ohio Chapter of the Sierra Club will be celebrating Earth Month. For information on all of their events in April, go HERE and HERE.

Green Columbus will celebrate their 8th Earth Day with Earth Week from April 19-26 and a celebration on Saturday, April 26 at Columbus Commons. Find out more about the celebration HERE.

Several of the area Metro Parks will also be honoring Earth Day with programs throughout the Central Ohio area. To find a program you would enjoy, go HERE.

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