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Archive for October, 2015

The Union County Chamber of Commerce Encourages Residents to Support Local Businesses with Their “I Shop Local” Program.


Joe attended a joint business association meeting this week that brought together all of the local and county groups. The focus of the meeting was to encourage county residents to shop locally and get ideas for how businesses could bring their neighbors into their stores and offices.

The Union County Chamber of Commerce has a great program that they are updating and revamping called “I Shop Local.” They presented the meeting attendees with a goodie bag full of items to encourage businesses to sign up. Plain City Druggist is already part of the Union County “I Shop Local” program.

The Chamber also presented attendees with a flyer showing how shopping locally benefits communities.

For example, did you know that for every $100 that is spent at local businesses, $68 of that stays in Union County?

As the flyer says: “Shopping locally has a huge impact on our economy. In fact, three times the economic benefit compared to the same purchase made at a chain retailer. Why? Because local businesses bank locally, hire local accountants, attorneys and designers, and advertise in local media. The sales tax collected also funds important community services such as fire and police.”

There are approximately 1,047 businesses within Union County. Those businesses provide jobs for 26,730 people. Check out all the other neat facts about Union County businesses on the flyers at the bottom of the posting. You can also see a picture of the cool goodie bag the Chamber gave to everyone at the meeting.

For more information on the “I Shop Local” program, visit the web site HERE. You can see which businesses are participating, what deals they are giving shoppers, or sign your own business up to be listed on the web site.

Shop Local

Shop Local.


Enjoy A Downtown Plain City Ghost Tour on Saturday, October 31 Beginning at 7 pm.


Support The Plain City Events Committee and the 2016 July 4th Fireworks by attending a downtown Plain City Ghost Tour on Saturday, October 31 beginning at 7 pm.

A guide will lead you on a spooky walking tour of the downtown area of Plain City. Tours begin at the old Elementary School on West Main Street. Children under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Children under 10 will be allowed on the tour at their parents’ discretion.

Tickets are $7 each or $20 per family. You can buy tickets at Pizza Villa, 209 West Bigelow Avenue in Plain City or at The Red Rooster, 133 North Chillicothe Street in Plain City.

For more information, contact Sue at 614-873-2404.

This event will not coincide with Trick-or-Treat in Plain City, which takes place on Thursday, October 29 from 6-8 pm.

White Feather Gallery-Boutique Will Be Hosting an Autumn Dinner in the Gallery on Friday, November 6.


White Feather Gallery-Boutique and Garden Events, located at 179 East Main Street, is hosting their first Autumn Dinner in the Gallery with local food artists Heflin Caterers on Friday, November 6 at 7 pm. The meal is $45 per person.

4 oz. lemon-lime chicken or 3 oz. beef filet medallions
Field greens with pears, apples, pecans, and feta cheese
Rolls and butter
Twice-baked red skin potatoes
Fresh stirfry vegetable medley
Pumpkin praline tort
Coffee, iced tea, and lemonade

There will also be lovely music in a lovely setting.

Contact White Feather at 614-873-1133 to reserve and prepay. Deadline for reservations is Thursday, October 29.

The gallery-boutique features original pieces by Ohio artists, as well as local Plain City artisans who produce gorgeous jewelry, handmade hats, scarves, purses made from recycled materials, and beautiful photographs and artwork.

White Feather is open Tuesday through Friday, 10 am to 6 pm; Saturday, 10 am to 4 pm.

For more information on White Feather, visit their web site HERE.

To see a listing of all their upcoming events, visit the White Feather Events page HERE.

To see photos of many of the lovely things they have for sale, visit the White Feather Facebook page HERE (and please Like them on Facebook, too!).

Loving Care Hospice and Home Health’s Annual Dinner and Auction is Friday, November 6 at 6 pm at Tolles Career and Technical Center.


Have you been touched by hospice at some point in your life? Have you seen the difference that hospice care has made for a loved one? Was it…a friend? A neighbor? Yourself or your own family member? Would you want to make sure that families in your community are able to receive the same type of care yours did?

Then please consider joining Loving Care Hospice and Home Health at their biggest fundraising event of the year! You can make a difference in someone’s life by just attending. Come to the their Seasons of Joy Annual Dinner and Auction on Friday, November 6 at 6pm at Tolles Career and Technical Center, 7877 US Route 42 in Plain City. The dinner will be catered by Der Dutchman.

Voices of Reason and Elena Pfeiffer, organist at St. Paul Lutheran Church in Chuckery, will provide live Christmas carols as musical entertainment.

In the auction, you can bid on tickets to Disney World, autographed Urban Meyer memorabilia, a Hilton Head condo vacation, and much more.

Simply print off the registration card at the bottom of this posting (click on it and then print) and mail it in to Loving Care Hospice at: PO Box 445, London, OH 43140. Please RSVP by Friday, October 30. 

The cost to attend is $35 per person if you RSVP by October 30 ($40 after that). If you cannot attend, but would like to be a $100 Business Sponsor, your business will be listed in the event program and the event slideshow. Please include your business name with the RSVP form.


Cold Symptom Relief. By Our October Student Pharmacist, Nadia Szymanski.

person with cold

With cold and flu season on its way, there are a few important things to know about the common cold.

How do we know if we have a cold or the flu?

Colds generally begin with a sore throat for a day or two, followed by nasal congestion or a runny nose with a cough by day four or five. Children may experience a low grade fever, but fever is not very common in adults with a cold. However, fevers above 101°F and body aches are common with the flu. Cold symptoms are milder than flu symptoms and generally clear up within a week, whereas the flu may last for a few weeks.


We can protect ourselves from the flu by getting a flu shot, but what can we do about a cold?

The most important step in prevention of a cold (and the flu) is to practice good hand hygiene. Good hygiene includes sneezing into your arm instead of your hand, not touching your eyes, nose, or mouth without clean hands, and washing hands frequently or using hand sanitizer. Good handwashing practices include using warm water and rubbing hands with soap for at least 20 seconds.

Symptom Relief

The cold is caused by a virus so antibiotics will not work, but, within a week or so, your body’s immune system will be able to fight off the virus. In general, getting plenty of rest and staying hydrated by drinking enough fluids will help your body’s ability to recover. However, during that recovery time, the symptoms of a cold may really drag you down and make you miserable. There are several options that can help alleviate your symptoms as your body fights off the cold. It is important to note that these medications do not shorten the length of time that you are sick, but help relieve the symptoms of a cold.

  • Pain or Fever

Acetaminophen, ibuprofen, or naproxen may be taken to help reduce fever and lessen discomfort from a sore throat, ear pain, or sinus pressure.

  • Sore Throat

Sore throats can be soothed in a variety of ways: ice chips, popsicles, warm beverages, sore throat spray, or lozenges (do not use lozenges in young children as they are a choking hazard). You can also use a cool mist vaporizer to help add moisture into the air to soothe your throat.

  • Ear Pain

Placing a warm moist cloth over the affected ear may help to relieve some of the pain.

  • Runny Nose

If you are experiencing a runny nose, make sure to increase your fluid intake and get plenty of rest.

  • Congestion

If you are having trouble with congestion, you can use a cool mist vaporizer or steam from the shower to replenish the moisture in your nose and to loosen the mucus. Nasal saline spray will also add moisture to your nose and may help loosen the mucus. You can use warm compresses over your nose and forehead to help relieve sinus pressure. There are also over-the-counter nasal decongestants, such as phenylephrine and pseudoephedrine, that may help relieve the congestion. If you have high blood pressure, please speak with your doctor or pharmacist before using these nasal decongestant products.

  • Cough

For coughs, you can help moisten and soothe your throat and airways with a cool mist vaporizer or with steam from the shower. Lozenges or honey may also help with a cough (do not use lozenges in young children and do not give honey to children less than one year old).

For children under 18 years old, please talk with your doctor or pharmacist about cough and cold medications before using them.

For more information about symptom relief, please visit: http://www.cdc.gov/getsmart/community/for-patients/symptom-relief.html

person with cold 2