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Baseball and Warm Thoughts. By Our Student Pharmacist, Ken Hecht, Who is Dreaming of Wrigley Field Covered in Grass, not Snow.

As my rotation draws to a close here at Plain City Druggist, I want to say thank you to the community for helping to make this a GREAT month and for warmly (unlike the weather) welcoming me to the community.

With temperatures well below freezing, I thought I would try to leave you with some warm thoughts.

When I am not in the pharmacy, one of my favorite pastimes and ways to relax is baseball. My dad grew up a Chicago Cubs fan. He raised me to be a fan of the sport. We would often head to the ballpark during the summer months to watch the games. Home of the Chicago Cubs, Wrigley Field, also known as the “Friendly Confines,” is the best ballpark to take in a game.

As January quickly turns to February, there is one major date I always look forward to  – the start of Major League Baseball spring training – February 132014!

Growing up, baseball was always my favorite sport. Living through the cold winters of Chicago, it was this time in February, when pitchers and catchers reported to camp, that reassured me warmer weather would be here soon!

So here is my warm thought to help get through the cold…

Picture the day. It is 75 degrees with clear skies. Smell freshly cut green grass below the wall ivy in full bloom. You are sitting under the warm sun, soaking up the rays, while around you echo the cheers of other fans. Hot dog in one hand, Pepsi in the other (sorry, Coca Cola fans), you bask in the refreshing breeze off Lake Michigan. Life could not be better! And, if you’re just lucky enough, the Cubs will close out the 9th inning with a “W” and you’ll get to sing along with the rest of the city “Go Cubs Go!”


It is the memories of those warm, summer days, such as this one, that help me bear through the sub-zero weather.