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Archive for the ‘Funny Things that Happen at PCD’ Category

A Funny Holiday Story: Chalk or Peppermint Stick?

Right before Christmas, one of our super staff, Cherie, brought us in a gift bag. Inside the bag was a giant mug filled with goodies. The mug contained homemade muffins, cocoa mix, tea bags, pretzels dipped in chocolate, and a long skinny, white stick that looked a bit like a piece of chalk.

We did not take the mug and the goodies out of the gift bag, but only peered into the depths at the delectable snacks awaiting us.

Later, after carefully perusing the gift bag contents (still firmly located in the bottom of the mug in the gift bag), Joe pulled me from my office and asked me to look at the white stick.

“What do you think it is?” he asked.

“It looks like chalk,” I answered.

“I thought maybe it was a peppermint or a cinnamon stick,” he told me. “To dip in your hot chocolate or tea. But it didn’t taste like that.”

“You tasted it?” I asked.


“What did it taste like?”

“Chalk,” Joe said, sheepishly. “But why would there be chalk in a mug of treats? Here, you taste it and see what you think.”

“I’m not tasting it,” I said.

So what exactly was the white stick and why was it in the mug filled with yummy goodies?

Later, when we actually took the mug out of the gift bag, the identity of the white stick was obvious.

On the mug was a chalkboard that wrapped around the sides so that people could scribble messages or doodles. On the mug’s chalkboard, Cherie had written, “Merry Christmas.”

The white stick was chalk–and Joe actually tasted it!

Moral of the story: Do more investigative work before you try to eat anything.

Happy Holidays. And remember: if it looks like chalk and tastes like chalk, it probably is CHALK!

Some People Will Do Anything To Get Their “Happy Pills.”

Some people will go to any lengths to leave the pharmacy with their “Happy Pills.” Take for example, Cliff Troyer, who actually came in pretending to have his arm in a cast and sling just so he could slip the Happy Pills in where he thought no one look.

Luckily, our vigilant pharmacy student, Jon, caught on quickly to Cliff’s little scheme. But Jon was a little too late. We think the Happy Pills were already working their magic on Cliff. Look at that huge smile on his face!

The Happy Pills work on everyone. Even Carmen. They’ve brought a huge smile to her face, too. 

Now, just so you’re not confused, the Happy Pills we are promoting are not any kind of hard drugs. They are these adorable stuffed pills that laugh–Happy Pills indeed. Watch the video below and then come in and get your own–just no thievery like Cliff. 

Watch the video of the Happy Pills at work HERE

It Takes a BIG Pen to Keep Faunty’s To Do List Under Control!

We had these large pens for sale in the store and they brought quite a few chuckles–they looked like they were more suited for a giant living at the top of Jack’s beanstalk than for normal humans.

Lamphao was delivering to Faunty Heflin and caught him with his “biggie sized” pen tucked behind his ear (I don’t know how he got it to stay there, but he did).

Anyway, we all thought this was a very funny photo of Faunty and wanted to share it with you. Thanks, Faunty, for adding a bit of cheer to our bleak winter day!

Joe’s Best Present: “World’s Best Boss” Coffee Mug.

For any of you who have seen the television show, The Office, you will know instantly what I am referring to when I tell you that Joe received a “World’s Best Boss” coffee mug for Christmas. The mug, on the television series, is wielded by Michael Scott (played by Steve Carell), the often embarrassing manager of the fictitious paper company Dunder Mifflin. As viewers of the show will recall, none of the Dunder Mifflin employees actually bought the mug for Michael. Rather, he purchased it for himself and has an endless supply stored in his desk if one breaks.

Joe and I are huge fans of The Office, so I knew immediately what I had to get Joe for Christmas this year. The famous boss mug.

I showed the mug to Margie and Barb before Joe received it on Christmas day and we all laughed. Not that Joe isn’t a good boss. It’s just a bit over the top to announce it to the world in the fashion of The Office.

At least Joe didn’t have to buy it for himself like Michael Scott.

Margie’s daughter, Michaela, also likes The Office, so she got a Dunder Mifflin t-shirt from us for Christmas. It sports the Dunder Mifflin logo and the phrase, “As green as we need to be” (which I think is hilarious for a paper company). In a few years, when she is a boss herself, we may pass the torch and give her the coffee mug, too.

My nickname, from Richard “The Captain” Murray (Ann’s husband), is “The Boss.” Richard always says that everyone knows who’s really in charge in the pharmacy. So maybe, that coffee mug really belongs to ME!

A Fleet of Drug Bugs Swarm The Streets of London.

We met with Ernie Sparks, owner of Ernie’s Medicine Shoppe (formerly London Apothecary) in London yesterday to take care of everything for the title for the Mini Cooper. Today, December 29, is the drawing date for the Mini Cooper raffle by Black and Orange Cat Foundation. A huge thanks again to Ernie for donating the Mini.

While we were in London, we got to see Ernie’s fleet of “drug bugs”–the convertible Volkswagen Bug cars that his employees drive to and from work and for deliveries. It was pretty cool to see them all lined up on the street in front of the pharmacy with license plates that said, “DRG BUG2” and so on.

So we wondered, should we have a whole fleet of Plain City Druggist Sprinter vans on the roads around Plain City featuring giant images of Joe on their sides? A fleet featuring “the sprinting man on the Sprinter van?”

It’s just a thought.

Be on the look out for the swarm of London Drug Bugs the next time you venture forth from Plain City.