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Archive for June, 2010

Fourth of July Activities in Plain City.

There are a lot of things going on around the Village for the Fourth of July Celebration. Take advantage of some of these fun activities, all of which are occurring on Sunday, July 4th.

First of all, the Knights of Columbus are opening the parking lot of Saint Joseph’s Catholic Church‘s Parish Activity Center (the PAC) for people to view the fireworks. The PAC is located at 670 West Main Street behind the Firehouse. Admission to park in the lot for the fireworks display is $2 per carload. The lot opens at 3 pm to allow people to begin finding choice parking spots. Food will be served at 5 pm. The Knights will serve a hot dog, chips and a pop for $2.50 per person. There will also be a porta-john on site. The public is welcome to eat and stay to watch the fireworks–and this is an excellent place to see the fireworks with an unobstructed view.

The parade through town will begin at 3:30 pm. The Line up for the parade begins at 2:30. The Jonathan Alder Boys Baseball Team State Champs will be featured as the Grand Marshals of the parade. Come out and cheer for the boys.

Plain City Druggist will be in the parade, as well. Make sure you collect all of our goodies. We’ll be throwing candy, balls, beads, and more. The plastic baggies containing our candy will also feature coupons that can be used in the store. So be on the look out for those.

Following the parade, you can gather in Pastime Park for food, fun, games, music, and finally fireworks at 10 pm. The Little Miss and Mister Contest begins at 5:30. Misfit Toys will perform at 6:30. There will be inflatables for the kids from 4-8 pm, face painting, balloon twisting, and lots more.

One thing we would like to remind everyone about: Please do not bring your pets to the fireworks. More animals are lost during fireworks displays than at any other time of the year. Well meaning dog owners bring their dogs out and the loud noises of the fireworks often scare the dogs and they dart. Animal shelters report an increase in the number of lost dogs that are picked up following fireworks each July 4th. Many of these dogs are never reunited with their owners. So do yourself and your pet a favor and leave them safely at home where they cannot get loose if they become scared.

Additionally, while Monday, July 5th is a federal holiday with banks and the post office closing, Plain City Druggist will be open our normal hours of 9-6 (closed from 1:15-2:15 for lunch).

Have a safe and happy Fourth of July.

Adams Family Medical Center Will Soon Be Scheduling Through Their New Web Site.

Each morning at the pharmacy, we receive a fax from Adams Family Medical Center telling us how many appointments Dr. John Adams has available for the day so we can pass this information along to patients. So if you need an appointment and you are in the pharmacy, just check with us to see if there are time slots available. 

Additionally, you can now email to schedule an appointment at adamsfamilycenter@verizon.net or by texting to 614-325-9319. Talk about high tech! And this is in addition to the old way of scheduling by calling 614-873-3434 and leaving a voice message if staff are not available.

Soon you will also be able to schedule online at the new Adams Family Medical Center web site: www.adamsfamilymedicalcenter.com

We have to say that the new web site is really nice, so check it out. And kudos to Dr. Adams and his staff for embracing technology in their office!

Happy Birthday on July 2 to Rosemary Rausch!

Our birthday for this week is Rosemary Rausch, who will turn 29 (again!) on Friday, July 2.

Rosemary is “Grandma Rose” to Racine, who works here at the drugstore. In fact, Racine was the one who alerted us to Rosemary’s upcoming birthday as she was selecting a card for her grandmother.

Because Rosemary’s husband, Dale, is in Lions Club with Joe, I went looking back through old Lions Club photos for a picture of Rosemary and found one from 2006 at the Lions Club picnic. In the photo were Racine and her sister, Kayla (who also worked at the drugstore), long before they were pharmacy employees. The girls had kindly agreed to attend the picnic with their grandparents.

We wanted a more recent photo of Rosemary, however, so Joe told Racine to call her grandma and ask her to come to the pharmacy. We were trying to think of reasons why she should come–fresh baked cookies? When Racine called, she got her grandpa on the phone. He made up his own reason to get Rosemary to the pharmacy. He told her that Racine had called and there was a prescription at the pharmacy she needed to pick up. Rosemary, who was mowing the lawn at the time, jumped off the mower and came to get the nonexistent medicine. Rosemary did not want her photo taken at first–she was hot from mowing and did not think she looked her best–but Racine convinced her otherwise. We told Racine that her grandma must really love her to drop everything because she had called and pose for a picture!

Happy Birthday, Rosemary! We are sorry we had to trick you for the photo!

Racine also wanted us to wish her other grandma, Mary Hostetler, a happy birthday on Thursday, July 1. Two grandmas with birthdays within a day of each other!

Our June Customer of the Month: Anna McCoy

We decided that we would start a new feature here on the blog to honor some of our customers who we are so proud to know (and, frankly, love like family). We got the idea yesterday when Anna McCoy came in the pharmacy after a long absence. Anna has supported the pharmacy from the very beginning and has never stopped getting her medicines with us. However, health problems have kept her from being able to physically come in the store without someone bringing her. Barb came and found me and said we had to get a photo of Anna, because she had not been in for quite some time and she was so glad to see Anna. 

Anna very kindly agreed to pose with Joe. We want to congratulate Anna for being our June Customer of the Month and our very first Customer of the Month. We could not do what we do without our super customers.

Attend the Plain City Historical Society’s Annual Meeting and Hear President Theodore Roosevelt Speak!

The Plain City Historical Society‘s annual meeting will be held at Der Dutchman restaurant on Tuesday, June 29. Social hour and registration will begin at 6 PM with dinner served at 6:30. The dinner is $17 per person and includes dinner, dessert, drink, and gratuity. The business for the evening will be limited to brief annual reports so there will be plenty of time for the guest speaker–President Theodore Roosevelt. Now, we don’t know what kind of magic the Historical Society used to bring Teddy for the evening, but rumors are that Joe Hofbauer used his influence somehow.

Pre-paid dinner reservations are required and must be turned in by Saturday, June 26. You can secure your reservation by clicking on the link below and printing out the form, which can be mailed to either Aggie Hall, 406 West Avenue, Plain City, Ohio, 43064, or directly to the Plain City Historical Society, P. O. Box 82, Plain City, Ohio 43064. Please make checks payable to: Plain City Historical Society. 


Additionally, did you know that you can now purchase gifts to support the Plain City Historical Society through their Online Store? Check out their site on Cafepress where you can get t-shirts, mugs, and lots of other neat items.

The Plain City Historical Society is also open limited hours at their location next to Security Bank (formerly Citizens–which was formerly Farmer’s–you know, Mary Mitchell’s Bank) on West Main Street  in the historic downtown. If you have never been in, it is definitely worth a visit.